About us


As a company, we have been present in the development of the country, providing experience, and generating reliable results.

We have a recognized trajectory, both public and privately.

Our work stands out for the precision, quality and efficiency of the service, thanks to the resources we have; We have the best professionals, and the right machinery and equipment for every need.

We are committed with constant  improvement, to satisfy our customers, providing reliable results, with efficiency and punctuality.

We provide design, project budget and project supervision services.

What do we do?

Vieto y Asociados is an engineering consulting company founded in 1976 in San José, Costa Rica.

It has a Materials Laboratory and an extensive professional experience in quality control, geotechnical studies, supervision of works, pavements and consulting.

Throughout this time, we have been providing specialized support to a large number of engineers and architects seeking solutions to different situations that arise in state and private projects.

About us


“Satisfy the needs of the client through a high reliability of the results of quality control of construction materials and inspection of civil works and roads”.


“Be the best consultant in quality control of construction materials and road inspection of the country, a company who is recognized for their professionalism, impartiality, quality and reliability.”

Quality Politics

The management of Vieto & Asociados S.A., is committed to offer laboratory and inspection services with great professionalism, impartiality, quality and reliability, for civil and roads works, in order to meet the needs of the client on time.

To this end, main management is committed to implement, maintain and improve a quality management system, based on current standards INTE-ISO / IEC 17025 (Laboratory) and current INTE-ISO / IEC 17020 (Inspection). We have trained personnel who is committed to familiarize with the documents of the quality system, the standards, procedures and necessary specifications, we, also, count with the appropriate measurement equipment for the execution of their work with the aim of demonstrating and maintaining technical competence in both services independently.

The above in a safe and pleasant environment that encourages our employees to be involved in the continuous improvement of the system.

Ezequiel Vieto Solis

Civil Engineer, Msc. Master in Materials and Construction Managment, University of Birmingham, Topography License granted by the Federated College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica.

Specialty Areas:

Pavements, Concrete, Asphalt, Structures, Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics, foundations, quality of materials.

Founding member of the Chamber of Consultants in Engineering and Architecture, member and director of Association of Roads and Roads, Soil Mechanics Association.

Member of ACI (American Concrete Institute), ACG (Costarican Geotechnical Association) member, and active member of the D4 committee of ASTM International.

Member of the INTECO Cement and Concrete Committee.

Miguel Ángel Rojas Salas

Degree in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Structures, Master’s in Materials and Geotechnics.

Associated with ACI (American Concrete Institute), ACG (Costarican Geotechnical Association) member, Association of Roads and Highways, Chamber of Architecture and Engineering Consultants of Costa Rica, Member of the INTECO Mixed Asphalt Committee, Technical Expert Evaluator of the ECA for management systems of quality INTE-ISO / IEC 17025: 2005.

Specialty Areas:

Structural Engineering, Geotechnics and Research in behavior and quality assurance in materials for construction, road pavements.

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